One of the most influential poets of times, whose fame isn’t restricted to the Muslim world but also to Europe and Asia, who’s called”Shair-e-Mashrik” is Allama Iqbal Books. He was a scholar, philosopher, poet, politician in addition to academics, and also a barrister. He’s considered one of the essential characters in Urdu literature, together with literary work in both Urdu and Persian. He is respected as a prominent poet by Indians, Pakistanis, Iranians, and other foreign scholars of literature. Besides being a poet, he is also the reason behind Pakistan. He is the person who gave the idea of a separate homeland and excited Muslims through his thought-provoking poetry. There is a large number of novels written by Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Early Life and Education:

Allama Muhammad Iqbal was born on 9th November is Sialkot. His father, Sheikh Noor Muhammad, was a bad somewhat spiritual man. He had been tailor by profession. He admitted Iqbal to a mosque when he was four to find out the Quran. He learned the Arabic language there. Then he obtained admission in Mission High School, Sialkot, where he did his matriculated. He then moved into Government College Lahore, where he did a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy, English literature and Arabic. He went west to get a higher education.


After his Master’s degree, he served in Government College Lahore as a professor of philosophy for a short time. After doing a Bachelor of Arts degree from England and earning a Ph.D. degree from Germany, he returned to Lahore and began his practice as a lawyer. In 1919, he became the general secretary of AnjumanHimayat-e-Islam. Back in 1927, Iqbal was elected to the Punjab Legislative meeting and was afterward elected to preside over the session of the Muslim League. It had been there he, for the first time, introduced the concept of Pakistan’.

Allama Iqbal Books:

He’s written thousands of books in Punjabi, Urdu, English, and Urdu.


Out of the 12,000 Poetry of poetry, Roughly 7,000 verses are Persian. His most famous Persian writings are:





Javed Nama


Sharing the list of Urdu poetry was published in 1924. Most Famous Allama Iqbal Books Urdu are:


Pas Cheh Bayed KardaiAqwam-e-Sharq




Iqbal wrote two Novels on the topic of The Development of Metaphysics in Persia and The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam and Lots of letters from the English language.

In such cases, he disclosed his ideas concerning Persian ideology and Islamic Sufism..


He has written many poems in Punjabi. Most of them were for children of a young age. Most famous among them are:

Piyaara Jedi

Baba Bakri Wala

All of his writings are mostly concerned with the young generation, trying to give them a wakeup call. He has made the young people realize that they are full of potential. They can conquer everything they want. It was due to his wakeup calls that Muslims of the subcontinent got united and worked together for the cause of separate homeland.

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