Writing is a passion, and those follow their passion; they become successful. Among so many renowned authors and writers, there is a name Paulo Coelho. He followed his desire to become a great writer and made his place amongst the best authors of the world. Among numerous Paulo Coelho books, his Alchemist book is one of the best selling books ever, which played a game-changing role in his writing career.

Early Life:

He was born on 24th August 1947 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He completed his early education from Jesuit School. After completion of his schooling, he told his mother that he wants to be a writer and want to pursue his career in writing. His mother said to him that literature has no job here. You should become a logical person and work with your father. He agreed on this and sacrificed his passion on his parents’ will. As he was not born for law, so he dropped out of school, and then he started living a rebellious life. Seeing this defiant behavior of Paulo Coelho, his parents decided to admit him to a mental hospital at the age of 17, where he stayed for three years. Meanwhile, he also tried to escape three times.


After coming out from the mental hospital, he started working as a songwriter and composed lyrics for Rita Lee, Elis Regina, and Brazilian icon Raul Seixas. He involved so much in music, which led Paulo to occultism. He also worked as an actor, journalist, and a theater director before officially pursuing his acting career.

Meanwhile, he also got arrested by the government because they found his writings dangerous. In 1982, Paulo published his first book Hell Archives which couldn’t create a high impact. After four years, in 1986, he contributed to the Practical Manual of Vampirism.

In the year 1986, he visited Spain and walked around 500 miles along the Road to Santiago De Compostela, Catholic pilgrimage. The walk surprisingly became the turning point of his life. He eventually got some spiritual awakening that led him to write an autobiography. It became the point when he decided to quit his job and devoted his full time to writing.

Paulo Coelho Books:

Sharing the list of Paulo Coelho Books,

Hell Archives

The Pilgrimage

Like the Flowing River


The Valkyries


The Witch of Portobello


The Alchemist

The Manual of the Warrior of Light

Manuscript Found in Accra

The Fifth Mountain

Veronika Decides to Die

The Devil and Miss Prym

Eleven Minutes

The Winner Stands Alone



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