Prepare for CSS Exam in Pakistan

Prepare for CSS Exam in Pakistan

What is CSS exam?

If you choose to know all about CSS exam in Pakistan, then you have ultimately reached the right destination. If you have been heading on with the plan to provide out the upcoming CSS examinations, then this article will stand as an awful lot informative for you for sure! CSS exam. CSS stands for Central Superior Services. It is recognized as the medium of the elite everlasting bureaucratic authority and also the civil service. It is carried out to perform the functions ranging inside the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet secretariat. This branch is all run and supervised through the active Pakistani Federal Government Departments.

How to apply for CSS examination 2020?

How to apply for CSS examination 2020?

There are so many students around us who are beginners; however, they are no longer appropriate aware of the essential suggestions and hints for making use of CSS tests in Pakistan. CSS is hence taken as one of the trickiest and daunting tests of examination in Pakistan that do test your complete expertise, which you have won in your whole profession of education. This is for the leading cause that most of the CSS exam beginners have the favor to study about the CSS examination hints and tactics. It is to be introduced that CSS stands for Central Superior Services. It is labeled out to be acknowledged as the elite and permanent part of the bureaucratic authority and civil services. Each single year CSS examinations are to be held that are performed below the supervision of the Federal Services Commission of Pakistan.

Now let’s talk about the executive departments that are interlinked with the CSS exam. As you will pass the course of CSS exam, you can freely make yourself as the part of any one of these departments as if you stand in accordance to their phrases and prerequisites or criteria:

  • Police Service of Pakistan
  • District Management Group
  • Foreign Services of Pakistan
  • Income Tax Group
  • Customs and Excise Group
  • Commerce and Trade Group
  • Pakistan Audit and Accounts Services
  • Postal Group
  • Information Group
  • Railway Groups

How to prepare the CSS exam?

Analyze Past Papers of Last 5 Years

Going through the previous papers of every challenge to observe the patterns is particularly integral for adequate preparation of the CSS Exam. In this way, you will be able to figure out essential areas on which you have to work in a given amount of time

Choose Optional Subjects of Interests

When an aspirant chooses the difficulty of interest, it is less complicated for him or her to focus on it. Preparing for CSS Exam takes out as a lot of energy, focus, and time. Making sure that it’s invested accurately is a must. There’s a fable that some topics are more significant scoring than the others; on the other hand, it is not entirely true.

Special Focus on English

English CSS exam are the one in which most students fail, and is the most understudied problem of CSS. This irony is current as many aspirants think about themselves to be ‘good enough’ to bypass English examination due to their skillful speaking, listening, or analyzing skills. English Essay, Composition, and Précis take vast practice to perfect.

Write, At least 3 Hours Every day

Several individuals think about their expertise base to be enough to pass by the exam, and ignore the written practice. Written exercise helps one to be categorical in an extra dynamic manner. Finding the right phrases and expression to express the thoughts is incredibly important

Effective Time Management

Time management is one of the most below examined parts for many. One should practice time management to effectively make use of the three hours of the exam, making sure all the questions get an equal amount of time. Also, at least 10 minutes that must be left for proofreading


How to pass the CSS exam in the first attempt?

How to pass the CSS exam in the first attempt?

  • First of all, be moderate in studying. Never study too much; put together applicable parts of the associated Subject.
  • Look at five years preceding papers; it will assist a lot and will be a precise guide for starting preparation.
    Just 3 to four months of preparation will be enough.
  • Your first try should be aimed to omit to CE. Hence most of the humans strive to take a look at themselves, and they appear in the examination except for any preparation.
  • Avoid those people who discourage you.
  • Daily to 2 to 3 hours of learning about will be enough.
  • Your principal focus must be on English Essay, Precise, and Islamiyat.
  • Psychology, Journalism, and sociology are regarded as high scoring subjects. According to a reliable FPSC report, 50% of people pass these subjects even without having prior knowledge.

How to practice for the CSS exam 2020?

How to practice for the CSS exam 2020?

Every single year, the examinations of CSS are held in February or March. The length of the process of the application submission starts in October at some stage in the 1st October till 31st October each and each year. The examination charges fee is generally and typically about Rs. 2200.

Step No 1: First of all, you must be submitting the fee into the examination in the Government Treasury or the State Bank of Pakistan, or you can publish in the National Bank of Pakistan beneath the account head of: “CO2102-Organs of State Exam Fee”.

Step No 2: You can put up the software form via the online method using journeying the internet site of FPSC. You have to take out the print reproduction of that online form.

How many papers in the CSS exam?

  • Essay 100
  • English (Précis & Composition) 100
  • General Knowledge:
  • Paper – I of General Science & Ability 100
  • General Science: (MCQs = 20 marks, subjective = 40 marks)
  • Ability: As subjective = forty marks)
  • Paper-IIII Current Affairs 100
  • Paper – III Pakistan Affairs 100
  • Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of Major Religions (For Non-Muslims) 100
  • Total: 600 *MCQs are to be all attempted on the computerized OMR Answer sheet, whereas subjective questions are to be attempted on Answer Book.


• The minimal standard of optional subjects will be that of an honor’s degree of a university in Pakistan. The candidates are required to choose non-compulsory topics carrying a total of 600 marks from the following organizations as per rules are given in column-1 below:—

Group-1 One issue carrying 200 marks

  • Subject Marks
  • Accountancy & Auditing
  • Economics 200
  • Computer Science 200
  • Political Science 200
  • International Relations 200

Group-2 One subject carrying out 200 marks or 2 Subjects carrying a hundred Marks

  • Subject Marks
  • Physics 200
  • Chemistry 200
  • Applied Mathematics 100
  • Pure Mathematics 100
  • Statistics 100
  • Geology 100 100

Group-3 One situation giving a hundred marks

  • Subject Marks
  • Business Administration 100
  • Public Administration 100
  • Governance & Public Policies 100
  • Town Planning & Urban Management 100

Group-4 One situation carrying a hundred marks

  • Subject Marks
  • History of Pakistan & India 100
  • Islamic History & Culture 100
  • British History 100
  • European History 100
  • History of USA 100

Group-5 One problem carrying 100 marks

  • Subject Marks
  • Gender Studies 100
  • Environmental Sciences 100
  • Agriculture & Forestry 100
  • Botany 100
  • Zoology 100
  • English Literature 100
  • Urdu Literature 100

Group-6 One issue carrying one hundred marks

  • Subject Marks
  • Law 100
  • Constitutional Law 100
  • International Law 100
  • Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100
  • Mercantile Law 100
  • Criminology 100
  • Philosophy 100

Group-7 One concern carrying 100 marks

  • Subject Marks
  • Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Psychology 100
  • Geography 100
  • Sociology 100
  • Anthropology 100
  • Punjabi 100
  • Sindhi 100
  • Pashto 100
  • Balochi 100
  • Persian 100
  • Arabic 100

What happens after passing the CSS exam?

What happens after passing the CSS exam?

If you’re a CSS exam aspirant and exceeded the written exam, then you are geared up to take other assessments, which are mentioned through the authorities of CSS exam. After passing the whole written exam, the candidates are referred to as for a clinical test, psychological check accompanied by using viva voce. Each of the exams have been explained in detail below:

Medical Test

After passing the whole written exam, the candidates are shortlisted and called for a scientific test. The primary purpose of this clinical test is to guarantee that the shortlisted candidate physically has no severe ailment, which could be an obstacle in performing the services. The take a look at is accepted by the scientific board appointed by way of FPSC. This test is obligatory to pass by, and the failed candidates would not be named in the vacant situations.

Psychological Test

Once the candidates are shortlisted, they are required to take a psychological test and viva voce. Combining each of the tests, they raise 300 marks. A psychological test is all about the candidate’s mental and mental abilities and research that the candidate is ready enough to operate his duties. The psychological check consists of both written project, and crew things to do, and candidates are directed to write their views on a given photo or a scenario.

Viva Voce

Viva voce is an interview to check the moral abilities, intelligence, management features, and other talents of an aspirant, and it includes 300 marks. A board of members takes viva voce of an aspirant who has all the files of curricular and co-curricular activities of a student on their table. A candidate should have true communication abilities and know-how of fields of his co-curricular activities. The knowledge about Islam (Non-Muslims have an exemption) and Pakistan are obligatory for the interviewee at the time of viva-voce. A candidate is required to attain at least a hundred marks to bypass the viva voce in any other case he/she would be disqualified.

Eligibility Criteria For CSS Examinations in Pakistan:

If you prefer to make an appearance in the CSS exam, then you must be taking into account almost 14 years of Formal schooling that have to be all diagnosed through the HEC is required. Some of the applicants need to pay attention to the fact that sixteen years of schooling is necessary to be the phase of CSS exams, but it truly is no longer real at all. You must possess at least 14 years of schooling to be eligible. The applicant can maintain on with any Bachelors Degree such as B.A, B.Com, BBA, B.Sc, or the LLB or even the MBBS as from one of the Pakistani Universities or an equivalent degree or comparable educational qualifications of an overseas University diagnosed with the aid of Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.


Which book is best for Prepare for CSS Exam?

CSS Solved Papers Guide (2019 Edition)

What is the Age Limit Requirement for CSS Examinations in Pakistan?

What is the Age Limit Requirement for CSS Examinations in Pakistan?

As following the current guidelines of CE-2017 the age restrict for CSS Exam is 21 to 30 years. The upper age limits for CE-2018 can be as identical as 30 years.

Extra Information About CSS Examinations:

  • Fee for the look in the written examinations is about Rs.2200/- that is to be deposited in the form of Bank Challan at the time of Registration.
  • It would take about 6-7 months for the assertion of the effects of the CSS written exam.
  • Hence the share of Regional/Provincial quota for the sake of the seats/posts filled up by using CSS Exam is categorized as merit is 7.5%, Punjab is 50%, Sindh is 19% (Sindh(U) is 7.6%, Sindh(R) is 11.4%), Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa is 11.5%,
  • Baluchistan is 6%, GB/FATA is 4%, and AJK is 2%.
  • There is a 10% quota that has been all reserved for girls from the share of Provinces/Regions without using the side of the Merit Quota.
  • 5% quota has been all booked for Minorities (Non-Muslims) from the percentage of Provinces/Regions without by the facet of Merit Quota.

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