What Should you Know About Wasif Ali Wasif?


Wasif Ali Wasif as born on 15 January 1929 and died on 18 January 1993 was a teacher, as well as a writer, poet and Sufi intellectual from Pakistan. He used to be the son of Muhammad Arif. Wasif Ali Wasif acquired his early schooling from Khushab earlier than going to Jhang. Hence he exceeded matriculation, intermediate, and bachelors in the first division.

He was much active in playing hockey and acquired many awards at the time of his school and college time. After finishing his bachelor’s degree from Islamia College, Lahore, he opted for English literature for his master’s degree. Wasif started out writing for the university magazine named “Ravi”. He wrote on many topics. His two writings on the subjects “College Miserable Life” and “Farewell Party” continue to exist to this day.

He also surpassed the civil service examination; however, he did not pursue it. In 1962 he set up his institute named “Lahore English College” near Anarkali in Lahore. Wasif had an interest in Sufism from his very childhood. He strived to meet Sufis and visited distinctive shrines.

He is well-known for his literary works. He is stated to have been referred to in quotations extra than any other modern-day Urdu writer. Master of aphorism, he has downright a spectacular ability to seize a rainbow of that means in a few dewdrops of well-chosen words. Many of his best sayings have become proverbs in current years. His Wasif Ali Wasif books “Kiran Kiran Suraj” containing these aphorisms remained an exceptional vendor for many years. He used to write quick essays on matters like love, life, fortune, fear, hope, expectation, promise, prayer, happiness, and sorrow, and so on with the clear objective of highlighting the genuine spirit of Islam. If you look back in history, you will be finding so many amazing Wasif Ali Wasif books. He was once an ordinary columnist of Pakistani Urdu’s everyday newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt. His column used to be named “GUFTGOO”, and it started publishing in a newspaper in 1984. His shrine is in Lahore in the well-known Mianiasaab graveyard.

List of Famous Books of Wasif Ali Wasif

Here is a list of few famous Wasif Ali Wasif books:

  • Shab Chiragh (Urdu Poetry) 1978
  • Kiran Sooraj (Aphorism) 1983
  • Dil Darya Samundar (Essays) 1987
  • Qatar Qatar Qulzum (Essays) 1989
  • Harf Haqeeqat (Essays) 1994
  • Bharay Bharolay (Punjabi Poetry) 1994
  • Shab Raaz (Urdu Poetry) 1994
  • Baat Say Baat (Aphorism) 1995
  • Gumnam Adeeb (Letters) 19??
  • Ziker-e-Habeeb (Na’tia Poetry) 2004
  • Dareechay (Aphorism) 2004
  • WasifYat (Essays) 2013
  • July-e-Wasif Ali Wasif (Poetry) 2014
  • Guftgoo 1–5 (volume 1) 2015
  • Guftgoo 6–10 (volume 2) 2015
  • Guftgoo 11–15 (volume 3) 2015
  • Guftgoo 16–20 (volume 4) 2015
  • Guftgoo 21–25 (volume 5) 2015

Wasif Ali Wasif as An Alma Mater:

After finishing his bachelor’s education from Islamia College, he joined Government College University, Lahore. He opted for English literature for a Masters Diploma and completed it from GC University.

First Literary Work of Wasif Ali Wasif:

Most of Wasif Ali Wasif’s books and best writings are about GUFTGOO, which is a whole literary series. Guftgoo incorporates 25 volumes that are accessible in Audio and Urdu books. Despite Wasif Ali Wasif’s books, he additionally wrote columns on an everyday groundwork for everyday newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt.

Some Prominent Works of Wasif Ali Wasif:

  • To make his goals into reality, Wasif Ali Wasif selected the occupation of teaching. Subsequently, he mounted his private institute ‘Lahore English College’ in 1962 near well-known Anarkali, Lahore.
  • He additionally passed CSS exams but did not pursue due to his tranquillity of mind.
  • Wasif was a top hockey participant, and he, obtained many awards at some point in his school and university days.
  • Besides writing in Urdu, he additionally penned in English, which includes matters’ Farewell Party’ and ‘College Miserable Life.’
  • Having activity in Sufism in childhood modified his lifestyles later as he met many Sufi intellectuals for the duration of his life.
  • He is pleasantly known as the grasp of the aphorism that can describe the meanings of words in dewdrops.
  • Wasif additionally contributed his essays & subjects in college’s journal ‘Ravi.’